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How Bad Online Shopping Experiences Look Like In Real Life.

Google Analytics has produced a trio of hilarious videos to help web stores improve their customer service by illustrating what not to do.

The others videos are:




A drawing composed entirely out of 3.2 million ink dots. Fantastic! Piece of art!



Amazing painting from designers Supakitch and Koralie.Have a look on their website:  and



Deformable Paper Magazine Cover

German design firm Paperlux created a deformable paper magazine cover for the November issue of Novum, a German design magazine. Paperlux has posted a fascinating making-of video showing the incredibly elaborate production process for the magazine cover.

source: LaughingSquid


We are the future

Lets discuss the future of marketing industry? 




Rafo Castro is an amazing designer and graffiti artist.

Have a look on his website:



Primal Scream. Some Velvet Morning. Featuring Kate Moss



30 gifts to 30 strangers 

Lucas is from Brazil but lives in Australia. Since he`s there a lot of beautiful things happened in his life, so on the day Lucas turned 30 he decided to celebrate it in a special way, being grateful to the people of Sydney.

He decided to give 30 random gifts to 30 strangers. The gifts were 30 minute massage voucher, a painting, a skateboard, a scarf, chocolates, bottle of champagne, a teddy bear, a mini tree to hang pictures, scented soaps and candles, and more!

His great idea is showed in this very emotional video!


Art Rua is one of ARTRIO`s parallel events happening in Rio de Janeiro from today til 11th of September.

Great street artist from everywhere in Brazil will be exposing inside an old warehouse and on the streets surrounding it.

Graffiti, stencil, poster art, sticker art, Installations, videoart, livepainting, performances, DJ’s e VJ’s - If you are into one of those options, you`ll definitely enjoy ART RUA.

Rafo Castro

Coletivo MUDA, that was already here at Supercoolr.

Galpão da Gamboa
Rua Pedro Ernesto 29, Gamboa. Rio de Janeiro
7 - 11 September. 12h - 21h


Píer Mauá
Av. Rodrigues Alves. Rio de Janeiro
08 - 11 September. 12h - 20h
R$ 15 (students) / R$ 30


Man`s shirt as a dress 

Different ways to turn men shirts into amazingly stylish dresses for you. 



100 years of East London Style 

Makes me wonder what the next 100 year will bring?


What Motivates us 

Well, not entirely surprising, but this lively animate does illustrates really well the hidden truths behind what actually motivates us at home and in the workplace. So if you are a leader, you have got to see this video!



Umbro & NY Blackout


I saw this video yesterday evening, just after the blackout we had in Rio, so I thought it was quite appropriate to post it here.  Also, I’m a big fan of animated commercials. And this 2 minutes video by Umbro is lovely executed even if it lacks a bit of energy…

To commemorate the New York city blackout of July 1977, Umbro have created a special edition range of products for the New York Cosmos. The collection has been inspired by the moment that Brazilian defender Carlos Alberto Torres arrived in New York in 1977, in the midst of the blackout.

Made by Buck





On the back of the recent release of Levi’s’ new Commuter line, the original jeans brand offers a short video to help sum up the features of its groundbreaking product. In this video entitled  “The Commuter,” a moving backdrop helps set the tone for several of the key features of the surprisingly affordable technical jeans. LOVE IT!

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