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Some photos of this great event that happens only once a year in Rio…

To know more about it go to



Amazing painting from designers Supakitch and Koralie.Have a look on their website:  and


Primal Scream. Some Velvet Morning. Featuring Kate Moss



At Music Philosophy there`s always a new graphic/typographic interpretation of philosophical song quotes. The blog aim to bring music and typography into live in it’s most pure, iconic and visual form.  

The posters looks so cool and the good news is that we can download them and to use as an iPhone desktop wallpaper or something else!


Pretty cool and smart ambient marketing campaign by MTV Brazil. Most people just can’t help playing with the chopsticks while their wait for their food…



1.000 Pairs of Jeans 

The brand MJeans did something I`ve never heard before: They ask their customers to send them their obsolete pair of jeans. Then, they approached Canadian musician Andrew Huang to create a musical celebration of jeans. The result is in the video above. Supercoolr!


Back in Rio


After nearly one and a half year I`m back to tropical lands: Rio de Janeiro, a cidade maravilhosa - the wonderful city – my home town. My researches in the UK will not stop, but coming back home also means fresh posts to the blog with some kind of colourful summer flavour. Hope you like it!

This is a video from the official website of the candidature of Rio de Janeiro to host the 2016 Olympic Games.


Talking about  Matt W. Moore and his MWM Graphic studio…

Three cutting-edge artists were invited to mix their talents in order to offer the French public an innovative performance, uncovering the ‘arty’ edge of the Let’s Colour Project.

This project was initiated by American mural painter MWM ( ) under people’s eyes in Marseilles, Lyon and Paris. Each stage of MWM’s work was captured on film by the young collective of directors Le Groupuscule — gathering over 700.000 images by the end of the performances — in order to make the video clip of Monsieur Monsieur’s ( ) new track “Walls are dancing”.

Really cool!


The first post on this blog was about Kate. She`s not just a pretty girl with a cool style. She also sings and knows how to play Ukulele!

She just wrote this song for me and I loved it!

Thanks, my dear guinea-pig ;)

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