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Some photos of this great event that happens only once a year in Rio…

To know more about it go to



A drawing composed entirely out of 3.2 million ink dots. Fantastic! Piece of art!



Amazing painting from designers Supakitch and Koralie.Have a look on their website:  and




Rafo Castro is an amazing designer and graffiti artist.

Have a look on his website:



This is Pedro Meyer. He is a Minas born, Rio de Janeiro based free-lance photographer. Works with fashion and portraits for brands such as Converse, Osklen, Toulon and Jelly to name a few. We are proud to present some of his outstanding personal and portrait works. If you want to see his whole body of work please visit

Source: moronorio

Art Rua is one of ARTRIO`s parallel events happening in Rio de Janeiro from today til 11th of September.

Great street artist from everywhere in Brazil will be exposing inside an old warehouse and on the streets surrounding it.

Graffiti, stencil, poster art, sticker art, Installations, videoart, livepainting, performances, DJ’s e VJ’s - If you are into one of those options, you`ll definitely enjoy ART RUA.

Rafo Castro

Coletivo MUDA, that was already here at Supercoolr.

Galpão da Gamboa
Rua Pedro Ernesto 29, Gamboa. Rio de Janeiro
7 - 11 September. 12h - 21h


Píer Mauá
Av. Rodrigues Alves. Rio de Janeiro
08 - 11 September. 12h - 20h
R$ 15 (students) / R$ 30


Very impressive work by designer student and illustrator Francisco Dans.

Can it get more interesting? YES! He is now working on integrating the DLR and the Overground. Can`t wait to see it.


Parisian street artist Cyril Phan, best known as “Kongo”, was invited by Hermès to design a range of scarf.

The Hermes-Kongo scarf collaboration, entitled Graff, features explosively colourful designs reminiscent of Kongo’s streetwork.  It’s a perfect example of how a major high-fashion company can co-opt something as rebellious as street art to formulate a product likely to appeal to traditional fans of both brands.

Yep, High-Low is still a trend ;)



Absolut Blank 

Absolut Vodka has launched a creative marketing campaign that brings together emerging artists from across the globe.

The Absolut Blank initiative comprises of 18 artist collaborations:

Adhemas Batista
Aestethic Apparatus
Brett Amory
Dave Kinsey
David Bray
Eduardo Recife
Fernando Chamarelli
Good Wives & Warriors
Jeremy Fish
Ludovica Gioscia
Marcus Jansen
Mario Wagner
Morning Breath
Robert Mars
Sam Flores
Thomas Doyle
Zac Freeman

An outline of the vodka bottle is make into a blank canvas to inspire the new generation of artists to fill it with creativity. 

Check out its special behind the scenes movie.


Walking around Rio don`t be surprised if you suddenly see an astonishing tile mosaic completely out of context. The so called Coletivo MUDA sees our grey city as an empty cement canvas for their art. Little by little they are turning our streets into out doors art galleries.

Rio is already a pretty city, but with the boys of MUDA around we will be prettiest then ever!


Called the “Olympics of Art,” the Venice Biennale brings together some of the best contemporary artists from around the world. But this year Venice Biennale has one of the most powerful and fun exhibits I `ve ever heard of. 

It’s an interactive installation, by the alias Norma Jeane, meant to break down and transform over time as visitors engage with it. It started as a tidy block of plasticine in late May in the colors of the Egyptian flag: black, white and red, and its title, #Jan25 (#Sidibouzid, #Feb12, #Feb14, #Feb17…) refers to some of the most popular hashtags on Twitter during recent Egyptian and Arab world uprisings. You can still see some of the block, but you can also see how complete and creative chaos have taken over the room.

Visitors are encouraged to take apart the block and, for the most part, do whatever they please, even take some of it with them, as long as they don’t leave it in another exhibit. The result is overwhelming and moving!


Lately I’m finding myself very inspired after discovering these embroidered art pieces by Argentinian artist Jazmin Berakha. Her marvelous mix of patterns and textures provides plenty of artistic inspiration, and a few new outfit ideas, too! 


“Forever Marilyn”, a 26′ tall Marilyn Monroe sculpture created by Seward Johnson has been unveiled on The Magnificent Mile in Chicago. The statue imortalizes Marilyn’s famous scene in the 1955 Billy Wilder film The Seven Year Itch.

via Kuriositas


Japanese firm yoichi yamamoto architects has completed ‘2D/3D chairs’ for Tokyo fashion label Issey Miyake store. Featuring a series of traditional dining chairs, the installation transforms from a two dimensional graphic into a tangible piece. The perspective is manipulated creating a unique appearance from different vantage points for onlookers. 

Clothing items are then displayed upon the installation in a casual manner appearing as though someone tossed it onto their household furniture. Currently a collection of vibrant hats designed by akio hirata are presented to shoppers by resting upon the electric blue chair backs.


The museum of contemporary art in Los Angeles’s current exhibition ‘art in the streets’ features several customized cars as sculpture. kenny scharfkeith haring and mister cartoon contribute different takes on the concept of the personalized car pervasive in street art culture.

The exhibition also features a 1966 buick special handpainted by pop artist Keith Haring. The car is covered with the illustrations of the artist’s trademark reptilian figures and geometric patterns in orange and blue enamel. Haring once drove this car around manhattan’s lower east side. 

Art in the streets’ is on display at the geffen contemporary at MOCA, los angeles now until august 8, 2011.

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